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Digital Risk

Around the world, the power system as we know it today has ‘primary’ assets that are designed to have lives of 40 or more years, many of which have already been on the system for that long. However, the system also depends on ‘secondary’ systems for monitoring, communication and control related to these primary assets. These secondary assets typically have much shorter lives. Replacement offers new facilities such as enhanced operational flexibility and better information on the condition of primary assets but inter-operability, reliability and security can be difficult to maintain as technologies develop and the threat of cyber attacks on power networks increases. In addition, the changing generation mix and, in future, potentially very large shifts in the nature of demand mean that new primary assets should be added and the oldest replaced. How should the Energy sector deal with the lifecycle management of IT in the operational / engineering environment and how can the security of existing assets and of system operation continue to be ensured?


David Willacy    
National Grid
United Kingdom


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