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Physical and Cyber Security Interlinks in the European Power Networks

Protecting critical infrastructure such as power networks is not only about protecting physical assets on the field. With increasing digitization, more and more interactions from the nano- to the macro grids, more sector coupling, cyber security is increasingly part of the equation.
The power grid of the future will embed smart technologies and automated processes. Remote connections, internet access and big data processing will need to be securely treated by all parties. ENTSO-E will highlight the strong interconnection that must be in place between the physical protection of TSO’ assets and the application layer that incorporates all IT features.
How are the physical and digital dimensions interlinked when it comes to power networks? How the different geographies –national, regional, European – interact on security? What is ENTDO-E’s strategy on cyber security? Do we need a European network code on cybersecurity?


Alina Neagu    


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