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Secondary and Tertiary Voltage Regulation Controls Based on Regional Optimal Power Flows

This paper proposes a combined Secondary and Tertiary Voltage Regulation (SVR+TVR) methodology based on regional optimal power flows (OPFs) to periodically update the generators' voltage regulator set points. The OPFs' objective is to minimize active power losses (MAPL) in the system. The presented technique is compared with respect to a conventional SVR distributed control approach, where the pilot-bus set points are determined by using a centralize TVR approach based on MAPL. Time domain simulations of the New England 10-machine 39-bus test system and an equivalent of the Mexican interconnected power system, for various operating conditions and contingencies, are used to validate the proposed SVR+TVR technique, and to demonstrate its advantages with respect to existing SVR and TVR approaches.


Blanca Hernadez    
Univ. Tec. Manzanillo

Claudio Cañizares    
University of Waterloo

Juan Ramirez    
CINVESTAV Guadalajara

Bo Hu    
ENN Group

Mingbo Liu    
South China Unv. of Tech.


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