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Evaluation of FDTD model for transient studies with complicated cable configurations

The increasing integration of underground power cables in the transmission network gives rise to technical challenges especially concerning electromagnetic transients (e.g. resonances). In order to study transient phenomena, accurate simulation models should be built in software packages suitable for transient studies where the chosen modeling detail and parameters of the cable are of utmost importance. However, in some cases the existing frequency dependent models show stability problems due to passivity violations. In this paper the
well-established Frequency-Dependent Phase Model (Universal Line model) is compared with a Finite-Difference Time Domain (FDTD) model in terms of accuracy, numerical performance and stability. Moreover, different formulations of the FDTD models are considered and compared in order to improve the accuracy of the model.


Fani Barakou    
Eindhoven University of Technology

H.M. Jeewantha De Silva    
Manitoba HVDC Research Centre

Peter A.A.F. Wouters    
Eindhoven University of Technology

E. Fred Steennis    
DNV-GL Energy


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