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Exact Topology and Parameter Estimation in Distribution Grids with Minimal Observability

Typical distribution grid has `radial' operational topology, i.e., it is tree structured with the substation as the root node. A set of intermediate nodes connect the substation to the end-users located at the leaf nodes of the tree. Correct identification of the radial topology and estimation of the line parameters (impedances) is important for various operational tasks, such as control of inverters and active consumers (demand response). However this is hindered by limited observability of the distribution grid. Often measurement devices, e.g. microPMUs, are placed only at the end-user location, while other (intermediate) nodes remain unobserved. An algorithm which allowed to reconstruct the distribution topology only from the end-user measurements was proposed in [1]. However, the algorithm was also principally dependent on the knowledge of impedances of all permissible lines. In this paper, we overcome this issue and suggest an efficient algorithm that jointly estimates operational topology and impedances of the radial power grid using only end-user measurements. Our algorithm is based on the linearized power flow equations and it also relays on the assumption of the nodal consumptions statistical independence.


Sejun Park    
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Korea, Republic Of

Deepjyoti Deka    
Los Alamos National Laboratory
United States

Michael Chertkov    
Los Alamos National Laboratory
United States


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