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Transient Stability Analysis using Shifted Frequency Analysis (SFA)

In traditional power systems, the large
mechanical inertia of the synchronous generators
maintains the system frequency close to 60 Hz. Traditional transient stability programs solve the electrical network at 60 Hz and also use this frequency
to convert between power and torque. Currently,
however, with the large proliferation of alternative
energy sources, larger frequency deviations are often
encountered. This paper applies the Shifted Frequency
Analysis (SFA) method to transient stability studies.
SFA is based on an EMTP discretization of timevarying phasors, which results in the correct electrical
frequency for the network admittances. Also, the
correct machine velocity is used for the electromechanical equations. Test cases are presented using a
classical 3-Bus system and the larger IEEE 39-Bus
test system. The results with SFA are very close to the
detailed EMTP solution compared to the traditional
solution, while using integration steps similar to those
of traditional transient stability software.


Andrea Marti    

Juri Jatskevich    


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