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Annual Evaluation of Supply-Demand with BESS Charging/Discharging Schedule and UC Updating Based on Intraday Forecasted PV Power Outputs

In recent years, photovoltaic (PV) systems have been installed in Japan at an accelerated rate. The application of PV generation forecasts and the utilization of energy storage devices in power system operation are essential to reduce supply–demand imbalances and enable the use of more PV energy without curtailment. In this paper, assuming extremely high PV generation after 2030, we focus on the coordinated operation of a battery energy storage system (BESS) and conventional power plants. We propose a method of determining and updating the BESS charging/discharging schedule and generator unit commitment based on the day-ahead and intraday PV generation forecasts. We present an evaluation of this method based on the results of numerical simulations conducted for one year on a bulk power system model to demonstrate the effectiveness with which it reduces energy shortfall and PV power curtailment.


Taisuke Masuta    
Meijo University

Daiki Kobayashi    
Meijo University

Viet Nguyen Hoang    
Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Viet Nam

Hideaki Ohtake    
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology


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