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An Unsupervised Deep Learning Approach for Scenario Forecasts

In this paper, we propose a novel scenario forecasts approach which can be applied to a broad range of power system operations~(e.g., wind, solar, load) over various forecasts horizons and prediction intervals. This approach is model-free and data-driven, producing a set of scenarios that represent possible future behaviors based only on historical observations and point forecasts. It first applies a newly-developed unsupervised deep learning framework, the generative adversarial networks, to learn the intrinsic patterns in historical renewable generation data. Then by solving an optimization problem, we are able to quickly generate large number of realistic future scenarios. The proposed method has been applied to a wind power generation and forecasting dataset from national renewable energy laboratory. Simulation results indicate our method is able to generate scenarios that capture spatial and temporal correlations. Our code and simulation datasets are freely available online.


Yize Chen    
University of Washington
United States

Xiyu Wang    
Tsinghua University

Baosen Zhang    
University of Washington
United States


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