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Transient Simulation Based Model Identification of a Black Boxed LCC HVDC

High voltage Direct Current (HVDC) links are widely used
in AC system for bulk power transmission and to damp any
inter-area oscillation in the system through an auxiliary power
oscillation damping (POD) controller. Prior to commissioning
such a damping controller in the field, it is a normal practice
to test the controller performance through simulation studies.
This is often carried out by electromagnetic transient (EMT)
simulation programs such as PSCAD-EMTDC, as it is able
to model the system in full detail including low and high
frequency transients. However, in many instances the HVDC
controller model is developed by the manufacturer and made
available to the system studies engineer in a utility. Although
the details of the POD controller are available to the utility
who is its designer, the manufacturer often does not furnish
the details of the system and choses to provide only a precompiled
black box model of the controller or sometimes even
the entire dc system for use by the system studies engineer. In
such cases, it becomes difficult to include additional damping
or other custom controllers for further studies.

In this paper, we propose a system identification based
approach to determine a generic model with a standardized
controller structure for the black box. The controller parameters
of the generic model are tuned by comparing its transient
simulation response with that of the black boxed HVDC.


Prashant Agnihotri    
University of Manitoba

Mukesh Kumar Das    
University of Manitoba

Aniruddha Madhukar Gole    
University of Manitoba

Dharshana Muthumuni    
Manitoba Hydro International

Bathiya Jayasekara    
Manitoba Hydro International


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