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Domestic Battery and Power-to-Heat Storage for Self-Consumption and Provision of Primary Control Reserve

Primary Control Reserve (PCR), also called Frequency Containment Reserve, is a key component of the safe and stable operation of the electrical power system. The foreseen decrease of synchronous generators, main PCR provider, coupled to the increase of domestic batteries at a household level offer new opportunities. In this frame, this paper investigates the techno-economic feasibility of providing PCR with a coupled storage system: domestic battery and power-to-heat storage (P2HS), typically a resistance in a water tank providing domestic hot water. The presented solution overcomes the main drawbacks for batteries PCR participation: the battery deterioration due to the PCR provision and the decrease of usable energy to ensure the PCR provision, at the expense of other objectives such as self-consumption.
Using time simulations performed with historical frequency, representative PV production and thermal demand data over one year, this paper demonstrates the positive coupling effect of battery and power-to-heat storage from a technical and economical point of view.


Baptiste Feron    
Rwth aachen university

Antonello Monti    
Rwth aache Univeristy


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