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A State-Space Modeling Framework for Microgrid Small-Signal Stability Analysis

In this paper, a generalized state-space modeling framework
for small-signal stability analysis of AC microgrids is proposed. It is applicable for both grid-connected and islanded operating modes is proposed. Such a mathematical framework is modular, in the sense that each system component is individually modelled and then aggregated into a single model for the entire microgrid. For each individual model, standard inputs and outputs are defined so as to ensure their connectivity when deriving the full microgrid model. Another important aspect of the proposed framework is that it relies on graph theory principles, which allows the application of the developed model to virtually any network configuration.
The characteristics of eigensolution methods required for microgrid dynamic studies are also discussed in this paper. Results of small-signal stability analysis based on the proposed model and carried out on a typical microgrid test system are presented and validated through time-domain nonlinear simulations performed with the PSCAD/EMTDC software.


Leonardo Rese    
Tractebel ENGIE

Antonio Simões Costa    
Federal University of Santa Catarina

Aguinaldo Silveira e Silva    
Federal University of Santa Catarina


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