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Local Supervision of Distance Relay using Hodrick Prescott Filter

A novel Power Swing Blocking (PSB) and unblocking scheme using local measurements is proposed here. It uses Hodrick Prescott filter (H-P filter) to remove noise and smoothen out the trend in the impedance data. Further, the impedance trajectory is extrapolated using Taylor series to predict the zone encroachment. It can evaluate the time to encroachment as well as time to Out of Step condition, which was not possible with PSB schemes reported so far in the literature. Also it has better noise handling ability compared to existing schemes.

The proposed scheme is setting free, independent of network parameters and does not require any transient stability studies. With event detection feature using extended H-P filter, it can even unblock the relay on a fault during power swing. Thus, the algorithm provides an integrated logic to block and unblock.

The method can be used by distance relay manufacturers to improve power swing blocking and event detection capabilities. It can be used by the utilities to supervise existing distance relay in the system
by using e.g., PMU data.


Swati Lavand    
Sardar Patel College of Engineering

Shreevardhan Soman    
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


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