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Aggregated Dynamic Equivalent of a Distribution System hosting Inverter-based Generators

Distribution grids are expected to host more and more
distributed generation. Proper modelling of the dynamics of Active Distribution Networks (ADNs) will thus become more and more important. This need will go increasing not only at distribution level but also for transmission system operators.
For the latter, a unique model of both transmission and
distribution systems is impractical. Reduced-order dynamic models of ADNs are thus needed, for use in time-domain simulations of transmission grids.
This paper deals with the derivation of a dynamic equivalent for use in large-disturbance short-term dynamic studies (up to - say - 20 seconds after the initiating disturbance). The focus is on Inverter-Based Generators (IBGs).
The parameters of the model are tuned in the least-square
sense to match the dynamic response of the original, unreduced system to a number of voltage disturbances applied on the high-voltage side of the distribution transformer, and referred to as training signals.
The paper will report on detailed simulations of a 75-bus
11-kV distribution grid hosting a large number of motor loads and distributed IBGs.


Gilles Chaspierre    
University of Liège

Patrick Panciatici    
RTE - R&D Dept.

Thierry Van Cutsem    
FNRS and University of Liège


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