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Gas and Electric Grid Unit Commitment with Coordinated N-1 Generator Contingency Analysis

The inter-dependency between the gas and electric
grid is growing as the reliance on the gas-fired generators
increases. Having a strong coupling between two large infrastructures
requires a coordinated planning framework. In fact,
the constraints of both grids must be respected, while their
objective functions are co-optimized. In this paper, we present
a new formulation for Gas and Electric Grid Coordinated Unit
Commitment (GECUC). We apply the standard DC power flow
approximation and propose a new formulation to relax the nonlinear
gas grid constraints so that the GECUC can be mapped
onto a Mixed-Integer Linear Program (MILP). In addition, the
N-1 generator contingency analysis is extended to include the gas
grid constraints and find the required reserve from gas wells and
generators after the loss of a generating unit. This includes the
determination of the minimum feasible compressor ratio needed
to sail through a generator contingency.


Mahdi Jamei    
Arizona State University
United States

Eran Schweitzer    
Arizona State University
United States

Anna Scaglione    
Arizona State University
United States

Kory Hedman    
Arizona State University
United States


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