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Identifying Plausible Harmful N-k Contingencies: A Practical Approach based on Dynamic Simulations

This paper presents a novel search algorithm using detailed dynamic simulations to identify plausible harmful N-k contingencies. Starting from an initial list of contingencies, progressively more severe contingency sequences are investigated. For that purpose, components, which violated conservative protection limits during a N−k contingency simulation are identified and considered as candidate k+1-th contingencies, since these could be tripped due to e.g. a hidden failure. This approach takes into account cascading events, such as over- or under-speed generator tripping, which are considered to be part of the
system response. The implementation of the proposed algorithm into a parallel computing environment and its performance are demonstrated on the IEEE Nordic test system.


Tilman Weckesser    
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Thierry Van Cutsem    
Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS) at University of Liège


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