“20th PSCC 2018 papers submission and review platform

At-a-Glance Program

Monday, 11 June
09:15–10:45Tutorial: Modeling and applications of energy storage systems in power grids - Energy storage fundamentals and modelling
10:45–11:00Coffee Break
11:00–12:30Tutorial: Modeling and applications of energy storage systems in power grids - Stability and control of grid energy storage
14:00–15:30Tutorial: Modeling and applications of energy storage systems in power grids - Integration and dispatch of grid energy storage
15:30–15:50Coffee Break
15:50–17:20Tutorial: Modeling and applications of energy storage systems in power grids - Policy aspects of grid energy storage
Tuesday, 12 June
08:30–09:30Opening Session
09:30–10:00Coffee Break
10:00–12:00S01: Distribution network control and optimization
 S02: HVDC as part of power systems 1
 S03: Power System Economics
 S04: Electro-mobility
12:00–13:30Lunch Break
13:30–15:30S05: Distribution network monitoring, computation and operation
 S06: Power System Protection 1
 S07: Interaction between DSO and TSO
 S08: Power system dynamics 1
15:30–16:00Coffee Break
16:00–18:00S09: Real time operation and control of DER
 S10: HVDC as part of power systems 2
 S11: Uncertainty and risk management methods
 S12: Power system dynamics 2
19:00–21:30Welcome reception
Wednesday, 13 June
08:30–09:30Survey Paper 1: Stability of transmission systems with low-inertia
09:30–10:00Coffee Break
10:00–12:00S13: DER aggregation in markets
 S14: Power flow relaxations and approximations
 S15: Machine learning for power system planning and operations
 S16: Power system dynamics 3
12:00–13:30Lunch Break
13:30–15:30S17: Modelling the flexibility of DER
 S18: Optimal power flow 1
 S19: Electro-magnetic transients simulation and modelling
 S20: Economic dispatch and unit commitment
15:40–22:30Conference excursion – Glendalough and Taylors
Thursday, 14 June
08:30–09:30Survey Paper 2: Situational awareness and control of distribution systems and interaction with transmission systems
09:30–10:00Coffee Break
10:00–12:00S21: Massive integration of renewable energy resources
 S22: Modelling of cyber-physical energy and communication systems
 S23: Power system modeling and control
 S24: Optimal power flow 2
12:00–13:30Lunch Break
13:30–15:30S25: Distribution system monitoring, operation and optimization
 S26: Decentralized coordination and control of DER
 S27: Power system reliability and security
 S28: Operation planning of hydrothermal power systems
15:30–16:00Coffee Break
16:00–18:00S29: System resilience and emergency control
 S30: Advanced control centre tools
 S31: Statistical learning and applications
 S32: Power electronics as part of power systems
19:00–23:00Conference gala dinner
Friday, 15 June
08:30–09:50S33: Optimization under uncertainty
 S34: Insulation coordination
 S35: Power system protection 2
 S36: Wind energy systems
09:50–10:10Coffee Break
10:10–11:30S37: Low inertia power systems
 S38: Wide area monitoring and control
 S39: Partitioning and clustering in power system calculations
 S40: Power Quality
11:30–12:00Coffee Break
12:00–13:30Panel Session: Cybersecurity and cyber-physical power systems
13:30–13:45Closing Session


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